Thursday, February 4, 2016


It was not the fog but an evening spent watching a Hoos’ basketball game and then the Democrat’s Town Hall meeting that is the reason there was no blog this am.

The Town Hall format in which Sanders has an hour alone on stage and then Hillary-O’Malley is gone-makes for a pleasant experience, much better than the Republican’s so called debate.

Yes Sanders and Clinton will participate on a debate 9 pm tonight on MSNBC. This too can be a TRUE debate between two people who have a chance to respond to the SAME questions; unlike the Republican show where different candidates were allowed to answer questions direct at them and little opportunity given for other except the big three or four to speak.

Back to the Wednesday’s Town Hall; I found nothing to dislike about either of the two. In fact if it were not for my personal reservations about both Sanders and Clinton I would place e3ither one far above any of the remaining Republicans in the final selection in November.

Hillary is a typical Clinton politician who has many worthwhile agendas but believes in “the end justifies the means”. From their Arkansas days to the present there have been too many episodes of questionable ethical actions to ignore. There is not space enough here to expand.

Sanders ideas of a universal utopia for America with free health care for everyone, free college education, etc. increasing minimum wages so that everybody is above the poverty level is wonderful. However, someone or somehow all of this has to be paid for. That is where Socialism becomes an economic failure.

The one program he offers how it would be paid for is Health Care. Sanders says that would require a small increase in everyone’s taxes, but would actually be a savings in expenses because the Insurance premiums and the Co-Pays would be eliminated.

That would be ideal if truly workable without complete control of reimbursement cuts to the providers namely physicians and institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, etc. for any to remain viable somehow services will have to be compromised. The subject of health care is one dear to my heart and I intend to make it a series study sometime in the indefinite future.

He has not explained how education will be funded without some form of increased taxation. How the cost for business to function with increase wages can be met without increasing costs to the recipients. That is inflation, and the reaction of many when possible will be relocation to another country. The latter will result in job losses; unemployment and recession.

I cannot recall one nation in which socialism has not resulted in an economic crisis.

AS of now I have not found any Republican who I would vote for. Another blog after New Hampshire next Tuesday.

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