Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My opinion too
Another lost bad weather day spent trying to clean up my desk with the usual results; the pile of papers on the right end of my desk end up on the left side. Just a microcosm of national politics.

As one commentator wrote;” As for last night's contest in Nevada, Trump won with 46% of the vote, Rubio got 24%, and Ted Cruz got 21%. But to us, the biggest story from last night was the record GOP turnout (75,000-plus). Yes, it was chaotic, but Nevada becomes the fourth-straight GOP contest where we've seen record Republican turnout. There is a revolution going on in the 2016 race, but it's (largely) coming from Donald Trump and his supporters.”

Yes there are many who are now ready to concede the Republican nomination to the Donald. By March 15 some 40% of the states will have selected their delegates. It may be too late for the warring tail-runners to settle on a single candidate.

The same time period will show if Sanders has any true strength. He is finally assembling a team of foreign policy advisers. He has skirted any mention on that subject.

Clinton and Sanders as of today are tied in elected delegates. That will change dramatically this Saturday when Hillary sweeps South Carolina.

The big kicker is that Hillary has about 450 super-delegate votes to Sanders’ 80. These are the political elite who are not beholden to the public on the nomination issue, but can control the convention is the race is close.

The sad fact is that there are no good alternatives in either party.Also prior to November Hillary's emails and the Clinton's Foundation may surface enough to haunt her, even to question her eligibility.

Trump's delay in  releasing his tax reports suggest that there is something that is not kosher with his financial boasts.

The next three months may not be Oh Hum.

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