Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Tuesday night the Hoos won number 20 and while  Hillary did poorly, Rubio bombed in New Hampshire.

No one should be surprised by the winners in both parties. What is significant was the margin Sanders won over Clinton, and Kasich’s second place finish in the Republican race.
 Sanders’ victory will shake up the Democrat elite who expected Hillary to have a trouble free course to the nomination. It was conceded that she would not carry New Hampshire or Vermont in its upcoming primary. However the size of Sanders’ percentage of voters especially among the young and middle age is very disturbing to the party leaders. This has raised questions if she is electable, especially with the email question hanging over her head.

Although it is doubtful that Sanders will carry any of the Southern and Western States in the upcoming primaries in the next four weeks, especially Super Tuesday March1, there will be big questions if he takes the big industrial states. This may be the back breaking straw that will convince Bloomberg to enter the race.

To quote a Rasmussen Reports ; “Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican turned independent, says he is interested in a third-party run for the presidency, but all he does at this point is break the national tie between Trump and Clinton and put Trump in the White House. Some believe, however, that Bloomberg is just letting major Democratic donors know that he is available if Clinton’s campaign stumbles against Sanders or if she is indicted for trafficking in classified material over a private e-mail server while secretary of State.”

That is the danger, Bloomberg could make Trump our next President unless he received 90% Democrat support. With committed electoral college voters. If No one receives a majority the Republican House will select the next President.

To continue about the Republicans.

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