Friday, February 5, 2016


Yes, I did not go to last night’s Mayor’s State of the City address. Nor will I attend any event at the Senior Citizens Center since parking for easily accessibility can be an impossibility for anyone with a walking impairment.

Having fallen once and finding out that in my 90th decade I do not bounce well, because of a peripheral neuropathy I have become dependent on a walker, not for support, but to help with balance. Close access to a building is a must.

Nuff said! I will comment on last night’s Sanders/ Clinton One on one in the next few days but intend to devote a brief blog today to the Republican candidates still in the race. Please bear in mind that as of today, I am not advocating any one in either party to be President.

I cannot find one positive word to say about any of the leading  trio;
Trump, Cruz or Rubio. Trump is a Con Artist of the highest degree who can appeal to those who have no use for the power hat be and want power in their own hands.

His appeal rise from the bombastic use of visual media with outlandish claims and promises that play on bigotry and fears; we will build a wall and keep the Hispanics (Mexicans) out. I will have the Mexicans pay for it”. “I will send all the illegals back”. “I will not permit any Muslims to enter the country”

He also boasts about his accomplishments as always a winner never a loser, I have made a fortune in everything I do. He ignores the number of corporations and enterprises that he organized which he bailed out of just before they went bankrupt. Yes he made millions and others lost everything; but not he.

He has shown complete disrespect for others especially women, He espouses American Values including the sanctity of marriage between man and woman; yet he has been married three times and has not been a widower

He claims that he has tax plans, health plans and foreign affair program yet has never elucidated the facts of any In essence he is nothing more than a dangerous demagogue who has a Hitleran type appeal to the disgruntled.

I will spend less space on Cruz the self-proclaimed defender of the Christian State which according to him, the founding Fathers (did not if you read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence) conceived. He has been a publicity seeking opportunist in his political life using methods that have caused his colleagues to abhor him.

A most recent example was his followers spreading a rumor that Carlson was quitting the race in order to get that man’s followers to switch to him.

When confronted he claimed that they were only repeating a CNN news report. Partially true, however they completely edited it by on using a portion and eliminating the total report which said nothing of the kind. He is completely amoral.

We can forget the fact that he was born in Canada since by all interpretations the child of an American Citizen is a citizen by right of birth.

That leaves the self-proclaimed white knight of the Establishment, Rubio. His problem is he wants to be everything to everybody and his position on a subject has too often changed as the wind blows. I will not go into detail but his changes in positions such as immigration and foreign policies have been well documented by others.

All of his speeches allude to his parent’s coming here from Cuba. It is not important that it was prior to Castro’s rule. Marco Rubio’s parents made it here under a legal immigration system that isn’t rigidly merit-based the very system that he now would destroy.

Rubio’s proclaims himself as one who holds religion as a paramount value for an American. The fact that he was a baptized Catholic his parents and he converted to Mormons in Las Vegas, and the when moving back to Miami again became Catholic is immaterial. However Rubio himself has vacillated between the Catholic Church and an Anti-Gay Christ Fellowship, a Southern Baptist Church in both Washington and Miami; sometime attending both the same weekend. This has been well documented by the Washington Post and other internet sources.

Rubio’s Religious convictions do not matter to me except for the fact that like everything else he espouses the truth fits the needs of the moment. He is not to be believed.

That leaves us with the three also runs. The best is Jeb Bush who is now dead in the water.

Running a distant fourth in the latest New Hampshire polls is Kasich the Ohio Governor, I know little about him but my granddaughter who lives in Ohio says he is a ‘micro-manager”. Perhaps that is good. Ohio seems to be doing well at present. I have noted before that he may become the establishment’s brokered nominee.

Finally there is Christie who is last in the polls. New Hampshire is break or stay for him. He is despite the Star Ledger’s depiction not the worst person in the world and could make a good chief executive. However that is most unlikely.

So as of February 5, 2016 the choices may be between two not so great Democrats and six Republican clowns. Let us hope that a brokered Republican Convention can produce an acceptable if not ideal nominee. Would that also be true for the Democrats.

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