Saturday, February 6, 2016


The weather reports for Monday suggest that we may have snow by afternoon or evening. If so I shall not attend the meeting even though the Administration has promised a report on redevelopment plans for the Muhlenberg campus.

There is little reason to discuss the agenda since everything on with the exception of the resolutions arising from the Corporation Counsel Monday night’s agenda has been covered by bloggers in comments on the Agenda Fixing Session...

This month Corporation Counsel’s additions includes the authorization of contracts with some 17 legal firms for various and sundry type cases to a total amount of $290,000.00. I addition there is one of 40K to settle a claim against the city for injuries received in an accident with a police car, as well as an unspecified amount to indemnify another officer who was a defendant in a citizens suit.

Our legal related costs including workman compensation seem to be astronomical. How much was paid to all attorneys in 2015 both outside contracted firms and those on the staff? What was the amount spent in settlement of suits against the city excluding the 4 million dollars awarded for a wrongful conviction? What percentage of the budget is involved?

Tonight is the last Republican debate before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary elections. Christie must do much better than the polls seem to indicate or else he and Bush will have no future in the race. That will leave the unholy god fearing three plus Kasich to battle it out to the convention.

Sanders should soundly defeat Clinton in the Democrat primary. That may be his Custer’s last stand. The slew of primaries and caucuses till mid-March are in states that tend to reject socialism. Thursday night Sanders evaded answering question about withdrawing the troops in Afghanistan or combatting ISIS by instead repeating his comments on the Iraq war. His judgement argument does not hold water.

His dollar costs for his government sponsored health care, college education, raised on taxes had been challenged by economists as far too little. The true impact on taxes will be much greater than the small amount that he says the average person will have to pay. When people understand the impact on the cost of living from taxes and the universal minimum wage raised to $15.00/hour his utopian dream will turn voters off.

On the other hand Hillary has not justified the dollars received from Wall Street and Corporations from the speeches she has made. This does not include Bill Clinton’s and her daughter’s speech compensation which have totaled millions of dollars. It is true that they have been designated to the Clinton Foundation but the “debts owed” still exists.

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