Saturday, February 20, 2016

FEB. 20 2016

The state of the Nation

Today is crucial Saturday for the Republican Primary in South Carolina. Likewise it is the day for the Democrat Caucus in Nevada where Bernie now has a chance to upset Hillary.

The Republicans caucus in Nevada is on Tuesday the 23rd and the Democrats hold their South Carolina Primacy next Saturday, the 27th.
Then comes Super Tuesday March 1st and followed by the biggies on the 15th. By that time there will be only two or three Republicans left and Hillary’s destiny will be clearer.


  1. Do we really think there is a chance for President Trump? I think I'm scared.

  2. A half century ago I wsa a contractor working for The Donald's father , a fine gentlemen named Fred Trump. on the Trump Village project in Coney Island. On several occasions when I met with Mr. Fred Trump in his office teen age Donald was present. He was a quiet, well mannered boy. What happened? Bill Kruse