Sunday, February 28, 2016


The best time to listen to a politician is when he's on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he's exhausted. Then he doesn't lie. Theodore White

Leap day 2016 and local, state and national politics are becoming wilder.
Locally the “new Democrats dominated committee has made its selections which if successful would give it control of the Council.

Gloria has chosen not to compete but Councilwoman Tracey Brown will seek another term as the “At Large Council person” without the Committee’s backing.
Sunday Alma Blanco announced that she will seeks Taylor’s 3rd Ward seat running as a team with Brown.

On the state level Christie who recently was blasting Trump has now joined him actively in Trump’s campaign. The Ledger must be jumping with joy, it now still has "copy" to fill the few pages that are not devoted to legal ads.

As for the Donald he has now professed having no knowledge about David Duke, a person who in 2000 he said he would not be associated with, or the KKK.  He has also quoted a phrase attributed to Mussolini “ It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”; defending it as an interesting quote not an admiration of the Italian dictator

We can only hope that Trump does not have a majority at convention time and by chance a responsible nominee will emerge from the Republican Convention. We will have no choice from the Democrats. Woe is the Republic.

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  1. I guess the old saying that, "politics makes strange bedfellows", is really on point. Thanks for your reporting and fairness when it comes to both parties.