Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The emergence of electronic communications such as email and the social media communications and the advent of the ever present cellphone and paging has resulted in written communication becoming a lost art.

Add to that is the pressure for using and the public’s acceptance of electronic transactions. Utilities and Credit Card issuers (Banks) have discouraged payments by mail with requiring entering long account numbers on checks.

The Postal Service is no longer the prime means of contact, and thus has been in increasing financial problem over the years  \

To counter this it has tried to be competitive in parcel deliveries with UPS and Fed Ex. The Postal Service has gone as far as to become a sub-contractor for the large delivery services. That may be cost effective for UPS etc., but how can it be for the Post Office?

Perhaps this can shed some light on why the Postal Service is in difficulty. Note that it took a week for the package to go from Secaucus to Plainfield

Feb 6, 2016 12:53PM CT
Melrose Park, IL, US
Departure Origin DHL Commerce Facility
Feb 9, 2016 3:35AM ET
Secaucus, NJ, US
Arrival Destination DHL Commerce Facility
8:32AM ET
Secaucus, NJ, US
Tendered to USPS
Feb 16, 2016
• 9:06AM ET
Plainfield, NJ, US
Arrival at Post Office
11:34AM ET Plainfield, NJ, US

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