Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Tuesday, March 31, 2005 is the deadline for Iran and the USA to reach a preliminary agreement leading to Iran’s shelving its nuclear bomb ambitions.

It is questionable if there will be any treaty signed by Iran without Obama permitting the fox to guard in the hen house. AS of Monday the Iranians were backing off two key items in the preliminary treaty-yes it is not a treaty but the framework for one that includes a lessening of the economic sanctions against Iran.

The Iranians are supposedly rejecting the moving of their nu clear stockpile to the nuclear powers’ supervision outside their country. They are also objecting to the ten year cooling off period.

The negotiators have already conceded much of the effectiveness of this treaty by exponentially increasing the number of centrifuges Iran is permitted to a level which would make their resumption of finishing a bomb an immediate threat.

Iran already has the long range missile capability of destroying not only Israel; which its real leader the Ayatollah has repeatedly stated was his objective, but to reach well into Europe and into the Indian subcontinent.

The sad fact is that America’s foreign policy relating to Iran is so confusing that our traditional allies among the Muslim States; Saudi Arabia and Egypt have felt we have deserted them. In fact they have united to militarily intervene in Yemen where the Iranian supported Shi'ite Houthi has been pushing out our long time supported government, a circumstance we have not resisted.

At the same time we are supposed to be acting against Iran in Yemen, in Syria our actions of nonmilitary support for the rebels which has allowed ISIS emergence seem to be supportive of the Tehran backed Bashar al-Assad's government. That is despite the fact that our policy dictates the overthrow of his government.

In Iraq we are letting Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias are play a major role in the effort of that government trying to regain control of that country’s north from ISIS.

I am not mentioning the erosion of our relationship with Israel due to personalities. Israel does not want a bad treaty to threaten its existence. Obama/Kerry could be this generations Chamberlain.

These are dangerous times for all the world and we must act resolutely out of strength and not fear. The war you think you may have avoided will be the war that you are forced into by enemies you have permitted to become stronger.

For the next three days Dawg will have the company of Slapshot while my Roanoke daughter, son-in-law and Ohio great-grandson are visiting. Don’t look for any blogs before the weekend and that will be about the Council meeting. I am hoping for a Wisconsin/Duke game to tape next Monday night.

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  1. On Thursday April 2, 2015, The Obama administration and the five world powers, whom you suggest would leave the fox in charge of the hen house, struck an historic agreement to curb Iranian nuclear development. As I read your article, I couldn't help but think that you were a speech writer for the GOP and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The reality is that, less than two days after your comments an alliance of nations have crafted a framework agreement that, many would've never thought possible. Without going into all of the details, the fact is if fully implemented, it would severely limit Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons and do it peacefully. Further, as you stated in your comments and should be corrected is, the agreement is not a treaty and therefore, doesn't require congressional approval as 47 GOP senators have already acknowledged. This deal is not an agreement between President Obama and Iran as many want you to believe, but an understanding among 6 of the worlds greatest powers. The GOP and PM Netanyahu would be happy to continue on our current path of ineffective sanctions which have allowed Iran to more than triple their nuclear capabilities since the Bush years. I therefore simply ask that, everyone put politics aside and look at the facts of this deal and admit that this may truly be a path to nuclear stability in the middle east for at least a decade or more.