Sunday, March 1, 2015


March Madness refers to the best sports month of the year; the NCAA Conferences’ and the ultimate Basketball tournament. It without question is also applicable to the Council meetings.

Since March is coming like a Lion perhaps by April we will also have a Lamb like atmosphere in local politics.

As to this month’s Agenda Setting Session; once again a winter storm may create dangerous conditions for these nonagenarian bones.  I might be forced to watch #2 UVA play Syracuse. How about it AJ?

This blog is to be about the “Agenda. For the third time there are two ordinances for first reading that probably will be rejected by this Council even though they make good business sense.

I am referring to the one creating the position of “Motor Manager”, and the other which sets the salary range. What could be good for the City does not seem to be an issue when this Council makes decisions.

There are two other “First Reading” Ordinances on the docket; one permits his increase of the city’s budget limits by 3.5% and establishes a ‘Cap Bank”. The other adopts a “Redevelopment Plan for a portion of South Ave between Leland and Terrill which includes the closing of the “Old South Ave” loop. Both need approval.

Including one concerning supplemental attorneys the Agenda contains a slew of resolutions for creating lists of “Sate approved vendors” for multiple purposes including purchasing, engineering contracts etc. There are familiar names on all, and a few have only one approved entity.
If these resolutions are accepted does it mean that contracts can be issued without competitive bidding? Or does it mean that only those approve can be solicited for services, with or without “bids”.
A resolution accepting a Grant of 333 79.00 from the Union County Department of Human Services” for the Plainfield Municipal Alliance Services also includes a  City cash outlay of $8345.00 as well as an additional $25034.00 ”In Kind”. What is “In Kind”??

Another resolution that needs further explanation is the sale of a “Municipal held tax certificate” for 336-40 Leland Ave (property not sated on the Public Agenda). The value of the owed taxes  (plus interests?) and the low acceptable bid are not stated.

Yes, I am torn between hat may be two different exercises in frustration. At least I can tape one. GO HOOS.


  1. I have not seen the state approved contractors list resolution, but they typically authorize purchasing without local bidding because the contractors already were low bidders to the State. One example is local purchase of police vehicles. Towns simply decide which model they want, find it on the list, have Council pass a resolution, then purchase the vehicle(s). Probably get best price, since the vendors know that when they win the state bid, they also will get hundreds of municipal orders as well.

  2. I hope that DPW has the streets an sidewalks around the court house and across the street where everyone parks. They have not done a good job this month. I was not able to park and get to the last meeting because is was too much ice . Maybe it was done on purpose so we would not show up? Why keep Watson if he can not do a simple job like remove snow from around court house and parking lots?

    1. The conditions existed days later.Convinced me that it was worth limb and perhaps life..