Monday, March 23, 2015


What can be said; for a March Madness aficionada the rounds of 64 and 32 were exciting and good BB watching.  As I noted on Sunday two more ACC teams advance to the sweet sixteen round. However  that was a disappointment since the UVA, my one of the two, forgot how to make baskets.

We will now have three days a normalcy as far as demands on time. Yes there will b e a special meeting of the Council tonight at a time picked to inconvenience the public. Perhaps that is because the meeting has the same aroma as ripe Limburger Cheese.

"A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it." Oscar Levan


  1. Old Doc -
    Not that it is unusual given the viper pit that seems to be Plainfield politics, but those are pretty harsh words accusing the mayor of a double cross before you know any of the facts.
    "Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself."

    1. 2:06 PM; You are of course referring to the Oscar Levan quote. I did not believe that I meant to accuse the Mayor of a "double cross" om this demolition which took place as an emergency before the Council had time to act on the requested Resolutions. We are being presented with a fait accompli with numerous unanswered questions which I hope answers will be given tonight. Regarding the Mayor how can he justify Eric Watson as Director of Public Works?

  2. This was a travesty, from beginning to whenever it ultimately ends. Watson, Smiley, and Izzo are on our municipal version of the TV show Chopped, and the citizens of this City should be the only winners, not these three. Maybe Mapp isn't even fully aware, or maybe he is. This warrants an investigation by the City Council much more than WBLS ever did, and I am grateful they weren't railroaded into blindly voting in favor of these resolutions. But my feelings aren't political in the sense of factional partisanship. The previous administration should have been taken down for the CSBG job training scam. The WBLS business was like pursuing a minnow instead of the shark.

  3. A travesty! An unmitigated disaster! Corruption and Greed! And Inside Deal! Pure Incompetence! Aliens from Space!! Hysterical silly (sometimes funny) drama drama drama. This is the downside of blogs - everyone is an expert, everyone thinks they have the facts right away, everyone has an agenda on outcome and has to mold the information to match that in their head (ok not everyone but many). Let the facts come out and then decide but its always best to not jump to conclusions and make comments without having all the information first.