Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Some days can be every frustrating; today was one of them and the blog(s) I was going to write will have to wait to Wednesday probably after a midafternoon doctor’s appointment.

My wasted day started when I tried to print for the insurance company some photos of my bathroom which was torn up because of a leak. 

Because the Cyan cartridge was too low I had to go to Staples for a fresh one. Although no other cartridge had been reported as needing replacement when I again tried to print the pictures the Black one and only it needed replacement. Back to Staples. Once again back to the printer and now the yellow cartridge is preventing printing. Tomorrow I will replace it and the magenta one.

Meanwhile if you thought our taxes were bad, you were right. Read this:
"The five highest taxed states, reports the Tax Foundation, are New York, New Jersey (note on the table NJ is the worst), Connecticut, California and Wisconsin. Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, Texas and Louisiana are the least burdensome.
Those are the dates in the states when you can start earning money for yourself.

Late afternoon I had a phone call from an opinion gathering group asking questions regarding Plainfield. From the  tenor of the questions ie: sort of paraphrased. how do you rate Jerry Green,How do you rate Christie, What is your opinion about Kennedy followed by the same question about the two Republicans running for the Assembly, Is the Mayor (Mapp) doing a good job?, If the election was this year who would you vote for; Mapp or John Campbell Jr (provided he switched parties), Mapp or Rivers, Mapp or Taylor, Mapp or Brown. At that point I terminated what I considered  a Jerry Green sponsored poll.

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  1. I was contacted by the same polling outfit, but I stayed with it. The question even came up of recalling Mayor Mapp--now, that's hard evidence to back your speculation, Doc.