Friday, March 20, 2015


March Madness;(a) 2 to 5 inches of snow on the first day of spring, perhaps this will be instead of the Easter snow.(b) A pinhole leak in a inside bathroom hot water supply pipe and bathroom h is torn up to get to the pipe. The house is on a slab so there is no access underneath. (c) One HD channel, TruTv, is “unavailable” to my TVs. Verizon can’t correct the problem remotely so have to wait for a technician to come. This is the channel that is carrying most of the  games I am interested in.

About yesterday’s games, except for the Texas/ Butler game all those I selected were good games including several upsets and last second  winning shots plus upsets. Even Harvard/North Carolina turned out  to be a last second watch.

Today’s choices; I did not watch all the games in toto and will not except ones I have a special interest (#) unless it too becomes a run away.
1:30 Northern Iowa/ Wyoming      TBS
2:00 West Virginia/Buffalo            TNT
2:30  Wichita State/ Indiana          CBS*
3:00  UVA/Belmont                       TruTV*#
4:30  Md/Valparaisa                             TNT*
7:00 Oregon/Oklahoma State        TBS*
7:15  Iowa/Davidson                    TNT*
*Good game
I hope Verizon can fix it so I can get TruTV HD.

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