Thursday, April 2, 2015


Just a short note this morning since Slapshot and Casey and his grandparents are still visiting.

Suffice to say Slapshot and Dawg are having a hell of a good time together; and somehow portions of my house have turned into a racetrack. It is questionable who is chasing whom.

I had to rise early this morning the day before two religions holydays to comment on the indictment of Senator Menendez.

To the best of my knowledge in this country’s history only two sitting Senators have been indicted for criminal actions. The other one was Plainfield’s own Harrison “Pete” Williams who was convicted and sentenced for accepting bribes while in office.

Pete Williams was a contemporary and acquaintance of mine. No a close friend, but one who played with us and against us in sandlot football on an empty lot back of Hubbard School between Sherman and Sheridan; as well as on the Kenyon Gardens.

Pete did not go to the public schools but attended Wardlaw. After becoming a lawyer he work for a period of time for Muhlenberg. In those days Plainfield’s Congressional District which included all Union County was rock solid Republican. Williams accepted the Democrat nomination which no one else wanted and by hard on the ground campaigning defeated our classmate “Hub” Stein Jr the Republican. Thus began a long political career.

Unfortunately he became an alcoholic which led to his fiscal problems and ultimately falling for a sting operation.

The real tragedy is that New Jersey politics overall has a reputation that seems deserved for corruption. In Plainfield our own party chairman has abandoned his charade of democracy in the selection of local candidates and for this upcoming primary personally selected the candidates.


  1. I knew Pete williams and his family when they lived on Watchung Ave. Best friends with his daughter Nancy (Iggy). Many fond memories.

  2. Senator Wayne Bryant ring a bell? There are plenty more.

    1. Senator Bryant was a New Jrsey State Senator not a US Senator. There is an error in my blog since actual 13 Senators have been indicted while in office,But Williams is the inly I could find that was convicted and spent 21 months in prison. I should have written only ONE Senator has been indicted, convicted and spent time in jail. Further investigation into the pre1880 years might reveal more.