Thursday, March 5, 2015


The first real snowstorm of this winter started just after 4 am. Before that we had had some rain most of Wednesday. Other snows this winter although frequent and too often had only been at the most about 3 inches, but enough to make February the third coldest in the records.

According to Rutgers meteorologist Robinson this winter of December 2014 and January and February 2015 posted the 21st coldest temperatures recorded.

Today, started with a 7:23 am robot call from the City emergency site notifying us that there would be a delayed opening of City Hall.

These messages are a true service and welcomed but not when I am still asleep or just as often when I am cooking dinner. 8 am would have been a more appropriate time.

I was able to put this day to good use; cleaned off most of the paper mountain on my desk, indeed I can see blacktop. Much to my surprise not only did I get a mail delivery, but all 4 daily ?newspapers? were outside in the snow at 8 am. I had a rare chance to read all including the OP-ED pages.

Once again I checked the PCTV schedule at the city site for timing of last Monday’s Council meeting which I again missed due to weather conditions and old age. I found for Tuesday at 7pm the Jan.20, 2015 meeting to be scheduled-that could be OK since there might not have been time to edit Monday’s meeting. However, for Wednesday night the scheduled program at 7pm was the Feb.9, 2015 meeting(s), and for Thursday night at 7; once again the Jan. 20 meeting. I will try to see if this week’s meeting is the one being shown.

Thank goodness it is supposed to be a good weekend and a warm Monday for the Business meeting. Perhaps the snow/ice barrier between the street and the sidewalks around the Police Headquarters/Courthouse will have been removed. One can hope.

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