Saturday, March 28, 2015


Tomorrow night the round of 8 will be over earlier; not him after the midnight of Friday and nearly 11 tonight*. Although my sentimental favorite was knocked out by Michigan State, the ACC still has 3 teams in the round of eight which is 37.5% of the field. Can any other Conference match that?

If my chest is puffed out it is not due to COPD, but the fact that on Friday my 10 year old great-granddaughter for the second straight year became the Ohio State Championship Gymnast in her age and skill level class. Last year she won on her first try at level 5; this year she jump to level 7. She really ACED the meet, not only being 1st out of 68 competitors in her group; taking 2 first and 2 seconds in the individual events  but had the highest score overall of all 136 competitors in all the groups that participated Friday . Tokyo here we come in 2020.

Mayor Mapp’s weekly letter is out today. He is to be congratulated for  being a participant in a group of 40 Mayors in a signing an Amicus Brief in the Texas vs United States Lawsuit supporting  Obamas executive order on the undocumented  immigrants. I do not believe that it costs to city any money to take that humanitarian position.
More important it behooves all of us to push our Congress to revise and amend the present laws to grant citizenship to the illegals who have been good citizens for years and to revise the quotas and processes that discriminate against the Latinos.

* no I did not write that contorted sentence, the "automatic" I think I know best word processor must have done it when I transferred from word to the blog. I do proof read  and can not explain why I missed it. 


  1. Doc .. I believe the laws and quotas should be revised also. Until that day arrives and some of the laws are changed.. it's ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.
    Humanitarian view or not... you came here legally.. or you did not. I support a form of amnesty and path to legalization, but it doesn't change the term from illegal immigrant. People may think it a negative term, and it kind of is, there was a way to prevent that. They didn't choose that path. I have plenty of friends who are legal immigrants from many countries across the globe who have NO issue with that term.

  2. Start saving your pennies for the Olympics!!!!!