Sunday, March 15, 2015


Monday I will be expecting to write a blog for Tuesday that may be about Earth shaking subjects such as “Where is Putin”? Or about Washington DC, or the Near East and Iran, or Plainfield and its leadership. Then again after this intense weekend I may not have any brainstorm.
The weekend was not all “Madness” although there were many great games. I did have time to read the papers, including the OP-ED pages and the Times Sunday Review section. There was one long article (see link)   

that not only did I agree with for personal reasons; but it is most appropriate for those with close relatives awaiting college acceptance.

As I have written much to my surprise I was refused admission to the two Ivy League Schools and had to select UVA from what was a gaggle of acceptances from second choices. All were good schools but my life was altered as it turns out for the best.

Yes I had to spend the first term to prove to myself (and my folks) that I was not a failure. In doing so I was able to have all the benefits of Dean’s List and have an unplanned for early acceptance to Medical School. That is not to mention meeting the gal who was to be my wife of 68 years. I will not go in to the lives that now exist if I hadn’t gone to UVA.

The point is that many of those rejections can be a wake up call. Also, once a new path is chosen it may even be a better one than the one that from which you were blocked.

Which brings me to the proud great grandfather this week. My would be 2020 Olympian Gymnast competing in a large meet place overall 3rd in her class (level 6) despite falling on the “Bars”. She was 2nd or 3rd on all the other disciplines, floor, beam, and vault. In two weeks there is the State meet in which last year she placed 1st in her class (level 4).  

Her older brother (our Sheldon) in his first big Chess tournament placed tied for 10th out of about 48 competitors in the U600 group. In a few weeks he is going to compete at that level in a National Tournament being held in Columbus.

Tomorrow back to the real world.

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