Monday, March 9, 2015


Although I came home at 10pm from the council meeting it will take me a few moments to decipher my notes.

Briefly the Special meeting Executive Session must have  been a stormy one which lasted to 8:10pm when the public was allowed in for the public portion of that meeting. At that time a Resolution authorizing in effect an audit of the Public Works and Urban Development was passed unanimously (5-0) Councilwomen Brown and Taylor were absent.

There were no fireworks in the business session. However  Council President Rivers permitted Lynwood Cathcart-(Mr Basketball)- to make a plea for funds needed to pay for the use of the school gyms in the post school hours, by what were the Recreation sponsored  programs. It seems that there has been an interruption of availability and charges as high as $1000.00 for the use of the High School gym.

More about this later.

The tethering Ordinance was passed unanimously as  was I believe a resolution to make it effective immediately.

There were no public speakers about any of the Ordinances or Resolutions. Almost all were on the Consent Agenda and the few tat needed a vote elicited no discussion.

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