Sunday, March 29, 2015


Just two more NCAA basketball days left, if this weekend games which were great had been about 30 seconds shorter the ACC would have filled three quarters of the final four. As it is the Big Ten is half the field. Kentucky can be beaten.

After being a subscriber to the Courier for the past 70 years I am not going to renew it again at the end of this week. This is an action that I have long contemplated but it is no longer a “newspaper” and the few special features such as the Bridge Column are no longer readable due to the ungodly small typeface being used.  Once upon the time the Telephone 'book" listings were the criteria used to determine the need for reading glasses. The Courier's news type is about that size; however the type face used that column and in "Doonsbury" which is still a good political satire makes the old criteria seem like giant print.

The news quota is extracted from USA TODAY or Associate Press and there is no longer any real Plainfield interest expressed. Indeed much of the so called local news articles in the Central Jersey Counties are often just a plug for some local enterprise that could be an advertisement. And it has just raised it price!

It is a shame that this generation’s fascination with the cyber electronic world has caused a loss of newspaper readership with a resulting extreme reduction in advertising the life blood of the industry. This may be a case of which came first; the chicken or the egg.

The Star Ledger has also deteriorated in the past two years to a point in which what was once the best sports section in the Metropolitan area is a skeleton, and also depending on AP. However its obituary pages are still going strong although the number of my peers still living and in New Jersey is minute.

Perhaps next Monday at the Council meeting if and when we get some believable explanation of the process that resulted in the selection of Yates for an “emergency demolition” which Public Works had been aware of the need for almost three months, and two administrations had allowed a hazard condition to remain for years; we will get some information on the remedial plans for our streets.

WE have had the equipment to preserve them but have not used it. Woodland Ave which was repaved about 10 years ago is a disaster. Watchung Ave, not only still has those improper repaired street openings, but is also developing linear lengthwise linear cracks, after 4 years? Leland Ave south of Seventh is a pothole obstacle course. Why are there two sets of transverse cuts on the recently paved section of Leland near North Ave.? And as to regards of North Ave that street which was another misadventure in the McWilliams administration has already become in need of resurfacing.

If New Jersey is the heaviest taxed state it is not that we don’t have the money but our politicians have managed to misuse it.


  1. You are so right, Doc. The politicians of NJ have the audacity to blame the taxpayers for poor road conditions. Wasn't that why our sales tax was raised from 6% to 7%. The answer to that is YES. Where is that money? They say nothing about that.

    I hate to say it, but the people of NJ deserve every abuse from the politicians they get. Why? Because they keep voting for the same people who raise taxes. If those people who did not vote, or were unaffiliated just once came out and voted against the incumbents, we would see a change. If nothing else, the pompous incumbents would realize that the people are watching and maybe, just once, they will put the people of NJ first as opposed to their political ambitions.

  2. Doc no one is talking about the real issue about this demolishing. YATES REALTY is connected to Eric Watson. Henry Robinson who is a very close friend to Eric Watson sits on the board of director's for YATES. There is a political payback and Yates is making a heck of a lot of money from the City of Plainfield.


  4. Council member's call for Eric Watson resignation otherwise you will have a duplication of PMUA in the public works depatment

  5. He who does not study history is doomed to repeat the sins of the past. Watson chose to leave his lucrative position in the PMUA prior to the expiration of his contract... His contract provided that if he did not remain until completion he would not receive his severance bonus which was 1 month pay for each year of service. This total amount was a small percentage of the amount he ultimately received. For obscure reasons the Commissioners , with full knowledge that a suite against the Authority was pending, gifted Watson and Ervin $250,000 . Watson and Ervin ,after receiving this largesse, filed their law suite demanding another approximate $1,000,000. The PMUA hired an attorney to oppose the claim. After a failed mediation the parties agreed to Non-binding Arbitration ( another inexplicable blunder ) in a further attempt to resolve the dispute. Watson and Ervin made a settlement offer prior to the completion of the Arbitration. Commissioners Dunn, Toliver and Saunders snapped it up and awarded $750,000. The Arbitration was almost concluded. If the settlement offer had been say 30 or even 40% of the amount claimed you could partially excuse this precipitous conduct by reasoning that one never knows how an Arbitrator will rule, and it was prudent to settle rather than to chance a greater award. An examination of the facts, amongst which were that Commissioner Brokaw, who is an attorney, and the Authority's independent Council, both previously advised the Commissioners that Watson and Ervin were, in their opinions, NOT ENTITLED to the money, which makes to acceptance of the settlement offer irrational. The total cost to the people of Plainfield was $ !,000,000 in settlement payments, plus another $109,000 in legal fees to defend a suite. And now ladies and gentlemen, here we are again. A new season has commenced. Some of the cast remains the same, some new personalities have appeared, and many of the directors and producers not viewed on screen are behind the scenes . Bill Kruse

    1. Bill.. Bill...Bill... what's $1,000,000 of taxpayer's money amongst friends ?? Hell.. throw in another $250,000 because your circle of friends just got bigger. We're all just mad because we haven't figured out a way to steal, I mean give taxpayer money to our inner circle of friends.