Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Thank goodness  the Olympic madness will be over this weekend. Life in Oz can return to normal. The definition of "normal in Oz" is of course  Ozian. Never the less, there will be  a Council Agenda session Monday and the business meeting the next Monday night.

Bernice has called attention to unanswered question that have been left dangling and probably will never  surface again since we have a United Democrat Party in Plainfield dedicated to reelecting the President. There can never be a question that some of the Local, County, or State candidates would be sub par office holders. The Party comes first.

This week three of my pet problem roads will have been resurfaced. South Ave, Watchung Ave, and Cushing Rd. The municipal line  between Scotch Plainsd and Plainfield runs down the middle of Cushing and by an interlocal agreement Plainfield contributed what seems to be a miniscule amount of funds for the repavement which was done by the equivalent of Scotch Plains Public Works Department. Perhaps an agreement could be reached for  Scotch Plains to repave Plainfield's Streets since it seems without  any figures to go by; that they do it cheaper per mile than in Plainfield's contracts.

When Leland  is  repaved my car will be in heaven.

Regarding the Olympics, I will predict that The Americans will win the Gold in the Woman's Beach Volleyball. That is a 100% bet; better than Men's Basketball.

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  1. The New Dems will never back Sharon or he lackies, but we will back the President. We will not dump on the other Democratic candidates, but individually will back those we feel are good for the voters and will speak against or not campaign for those who are not good for the voters. I will not back Traci Brown and will still say that she is a disaster for Plainfield and I will not back most of our Freeholders who are taking us to the cleaners. New Dems are Democrats and will work with the party to win for the President.

    Bob Bolmer