Thursday, August 30, 2012


Paul Ryan’s talk was as expected two pronged; an introduction of himself to the nation and an attack on the Obama administration. Like all politicians he made no specific mention of programs that the Republicans would advocate if elected.

He attacked this Presidency for not correcting the economic crisis. After nearly 4 years unemployment remains high, college graduates can’t find work in the field for which they trained.

He faulted the administration for a lack of aggressiveness in foreign policy and for a 50% increase in the national debt; from 10 billion to 15 billion.

Ryan did denounce the Bush administrations as well as the Clinton years for their fiscal policies stating: “In a clean break from the Obama years, and frankly from the years before this president, we will keep federal spending at 20 percent of G.D.P., or less. That is enough.”

His strongest words were about "Obamacare"; a subject that I have strong feelings “Obamacare comes to more than two thousand pages of rules, mandates, taxes, fees and fines that have no place in a free country.”

“And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly.” referring to a provision of the health law that cuts more than $700 billion in projected spending from the Medicare program.

At the same time he promised that the Republicans would preserve Medicare. It is presumed from previous statements that he is referring to those presently covered and/or eligible, not those who would become eligible in the future.

Please note that I am trying to be neutral in my comments about the speakers at this convention as well as at next week’s Democrat Convention. Subsequently over the weeks prior to the elections I will express opinions on the candidates.

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  1. It should be sobering that what parts of Obama's legacy Congressional Republicans can't destroy will be destroyed by local Democrats such as we have in Plainfield.