Saturday, August 11, 2012


Friday night was a difficult evening for a Sports Couch Potato who dislikes remote surfers being faced with 2 football games (can hockey and Basket Ball be far off). 2 Baseball Games and Olympics all on at the same time.  Also complicating the deal is my habit of having a post-prandial nap.

I have downloaded Monday night's Council agenda but will not have any possible opportunity to review the background paperwork until Monday due to the Library's unavailability. Recent experience suggest that the "new main floor" will be once more a great improvement to one of the outstanding municipal libraries in the State. If only Administration at budget time would understand the value of this institution to the community.

A quick glance at the agenda show about 35 Resolutions , 3 Ordinances for second reading but no new ones. There are only 3 items under unfinished business. They are; ShotSpotter update, non-renewed liquor establishments, and status of CFO. What happened to the list recently posted in Plaintalker II ?

Among the Resolutions there are 3 concerning the Bilingual Daycare Center funding, two have to do with the food program. An additional $48,335.00 for the 911 and CCTV Command Center in the Police Station which seems to be the third upgrade since the contract was awarded. There is an additional $26,773.07 for the supposedly completed Watchung Ave repavement that has already been "opened" in several places and seems to be marked for further work.

There also are two Resolutions relating to the Concession Stand upgrade at the Joe Black Baseball field. One is to amend the previous awarded contract and the other is to award a professional services contract to Remington etc. for construction of the Concession Stand. I am confused and hope to read the documentation but I thought that this had been done by 126-12 when the contract was awarded to a Washington State outfit which I believe was done through Recreation.

All this stuff will require background documentation reading which I may not be able to do so prior to this meeting. However there will be a week to review those that will be up for action the next Monday.

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  1. In my opinion, the administration knows the Library has "get it done" leadership in place, and therefore has adopted a willingness to cut Library funding based on Joe DaRold's abilities to manage that operation.