Monday, August 27, 2012

MONDAY AM 8/27/12

No Isaac is not responsible for this non-blog. My car is due in the hospital early this morning. It seems that one has to be careful in stopping at a stop sign. Beware of the car behind you. The old fashion rear bumper served a purpose especially at 5 mph.Wraparound i/3rd car panels look pretty and they must help the economy (Republicans take note) but they do not do the job the old timers did.

Many years ago I had a Studebaker Avanti; it was the second one delivered in Central NJ. One day I was hit on the right front fender. That car was one of the first fiber glass bodies made. Instead of a dented mangled fender there were multiple pieces of fiberglass on the street which I picked all of them up.

When I took the car to the body shop I was told that I had done a good thing because they could cement them all back together, which they did. They did not know when they could get a new fender. Do you think anyone would consider doing that today?

This is the anniversary of Irene, and along is coming Isaac. It is the middle of the Hurricane
season . Perhaps it is symbolic that the Republicans would schedule their convention in Florida.
But, the Democrats also goofed and have a conflict in Charlotte NC due to the Labor Day weekend activities. They too will have a shortened convention. We will be spared lots of hot air.


  1. Don't worry Doc.. Tick Tock Tick Tock... PLAINFIELD center stage !! Democratic Convention!! President Obama's personal shout out to Plainfield for sacrificing accountability, responsibility, and civic duty all in his name !!!
    GONNA DVR IT IN CASE I MISS IT !! WOW... Just to think... throwing away your principles all for a higher cause.. The President is sure to give our local Democrats a HUGE thank you for that!! Right ?

  2. Nice wheels Doc! What color was your Avanti?