Friday, August 10, 2012


TGIF; the Olympics will be a thing of the past and we can go back to watching the Big Bang Theory. It will not be until August 28 when the Republican National Convention starts in Tampa Florida and September 3(Labor day) the Start of the Democrat Convention in Charlotte N.C. (where is that?) before the air waves will be once again  full of manufactured hoopla nonsense.

Thank goodness we will only have two months of official campaigning. Those months despite the calls of all factions of the local party to unite and vote the party line no matter who the candidates are will not have any effect on the overwhelming majority of Plainfield votes that will go towards the selection of New Jersey’s electors.

Meanwhile as evident with this coming Monday’s Council meeting Plainfield’s local government affairs will continue to be FUBAR. All the unanswered rhetoric and questions will have been swept under the rug and forgotten and harmony will reign. The City will continue to run; money will be spent, and there will be little public accounting.

Although it was sold to us by Administration to be a turnkey effective system; the ShotSpotter will continue to need tweaking. It has yet to be shown that the response time has resulted in an apprehension of shooters.

Is it possible that as rumored crimes are not being officially or openly reported? Figures do not lie but liars can figure.

The public should have as an agenda item of every Council business meeting an update on all unsettled matters.  For examples: The status of the  mayor’s suit against the Council including billed costs to date, The Monarch claim, The report on July 4th  finances, an investigation if merchants were being shaken down to cover undocumented expenses, the CFO search, the vacant Corporation Counsel office.  These are just a few items that certain parties would like to “not see the light of day”.

A certain public figure who most of us respect said; “I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics.”  (BARACK OBAMA, MSNBC interview, Sep. 25, 2006)  Is that not good advice that the local electorate and political leaders should follow?


  1. Doc.. The Reg and New Dems are hardly a shining example of Barack Obama. I think even he would be unappreciative of their " CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG " party for his election considering the new mentality of see, hear, speak no evil. But hey... elections are all about throwing away your principles aren't they?

  2. Rob, you need a reality check. The Dems, new and old, want to get the President re-elected. The other Dems running have to do their own work to get re-elected and will be supported by New Dems if they deserve New Dem support and many do not.

  3. Bob, Councilor Mapp's own words.

    Over the course of the next ninety-seven days, I will be working in partnership with Plainfield Democratic Chairman Jerry Green to build party unity for the immediate purpose of getting a very strong voter turnout not only for President Obama, but for Senator Robert Menendez, Congressman Rush Holt, the Union County Freeholders, and EVERY DEMOCRAT ON THE BALLOT" (upper case mine).

    That seems to include individuals I feel can not represent Plainfield's interests and should not hold pyblic office.

  4. Bob...
    Here's the reality check that I haven't commented yet regarding your posts.

    - you have on more than a few occasions used the words, " I'll be forced to vote Republican" with regards to the Mayor's incoming lackey.
    That shows your lack of intelligence regarding the voting process as you feel you HAVE to vote DEMOCRAT each election and this one time you are being FORCED to vote Republican. You are part of the problem Bob. You scream about the Mayor... you scream about Jerry Green.. But judging from your statements about BEING FORCED TO VOTE REPUBLICAN, I can only assume you voted for the Hot Mess of a Mayor 2X and Jerry Green ever since his greasy self serving paws latched onto his office.
    Now.. My reality check is this.
    You've also bellowed out repeatedly RECALL THE MAYOR RECALL THE MAYOR: How far have you come on that??? Or were you waiting for one of your FINE UPSTANDING DEMS on the City Council to do it for you?
    My point was and is : President Obama would be disgusted by the Democratic Party - REG AND NEW in Plainfield. Kind of like having John Wayne Gacey nominate you as Clown of The Year at the Boy's Home.
    And DOC.. Thank you.. Thank you for putting it in PRINT MAPP's EXACT WORDS for him to eat.