Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is a good thing that New Jersey will be a safe state for the President. Tuesday night Ann Romney wowed them. Chris Christi blew his own horn as Keynote Speaker but was forceful in his endorsement of Romney.

The election may be closer than people expect but it would take an unforeseen disaster for Obama to lose New Jersey. Many of the other 49 States are "committed" it is the few swing states that will decide this election.

We must remember that our election system gives proportional electoral votes to each of the of the states. It is the popular vote in each state that counts; not the total popular vote. That may seem wrong, but it truly is a better system of nation wide representation. No state with an overwhelming population can dominate the results. The United States is that; a confederation of individual states each with its own character. It is the parts that make the whole and although many will disagree it is the system that has worked best.

We in Plainfield, in Union County and in New Jersey should pay greater attention to the candidates that are up for election than to the Presidential race.


  1. Thanks, Doc. I just wrote in Bernice's blog that I hope voters will vote for the best person and not follow the party line. We need what's best for Plainfield, not necessarily what the parties want.

  2. That's funny Bob because here in Union County "The Party" wants Tracey Brown and Adrian Mapp. It probably cost us $1 million for Mapp to get the line for 3rd Ward, and will cost us millions more for him to get the line for mayor. Happy sailing!

  3. The Governor has earned the right to "blow his own horn". He has New Jersey on the path to fiscal solvency. When will the Democrats, locally and nationally, understand that there ain't no more money. Remember the well spoken adage, "Socialism works until you have spent what everyone else has earned".