Friday, August 3, 2012


Friday on my summer schedule is a blogging day. However, I did not take into account that the Olympics would take place through the first two weekends  in August and that I may spend too much time with the TV,

I believe that there are some 25 sports encompassing multiple events. Some are weird but all have their dedicated devotees. I learned that "Team Handball" is not played on a hard surfaced walled court but it is a "field game" like soccer only the ball has to be handled by hands. And how-about  "Bicycle Sprint Relay" where there are teams of two riders. The race is two complete circuits of the track against time . Two teams of two riders start 180% apart. Both riders in tandem complete the first circuit the the lead rider drops out and  #2 finishes the race.

I used to think that all you needed to shoot an arrow was a Long Bow and arrows. That the Crossbow a military weapon could have sighting equipment. But have you noticed all the complicated gadgetry on these competition Long Bows?.

Others are awesome; "Synchronized Diving" is mind boggling. Of course Gymnastics and Swimming are joys to watch for individual accomplishment; the ecstasy of victory efforts and the unfortunate agony of defeat.

Except for basketball which brings out the worst of the professional game internationally, team sports always commands attention due to the need for people to work together.

As usual sports that require opinion judgements as in Gymnastics always raises a question as to fairness. I the Gymnastic events different exercises seem to be scored at a different level. American girls were twice victims of judgements; Jordan received an abnormal low score on her floor routine which cost her a trip to the all around. The all around consists of the top 24 participants yet that girl who was fourth in the trials could not participate because each nation  was limited to two entrees.

Gabby Douglas earned. the Gold, but poor Raisman who tied for Third was denied a Bronze because of some new  rule dropping the poorest of the four performances. No longer do overall results count.

Of course no Olympics could  happen without some scandal like the two South Korean, one Chinese and one Indonesian Badminton teams found to have deliberately lost matches  to get a better seeding in the next round.

With the Library close I will not see the Agenda documents before Monday so no post on the before the meeting.   The Council meeting is next Monday ,the 13th.

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