Friday, August 17, 2012


Four days after the Council agenda setting session and the three bloggers have focused on only one pair of Resolutions relating to the Joe Black field Concession Stand. In addition one other; the Police Headquarters alterations has been briefly mentioned.

Moreover only one proposed Ordinance which failed has been a subject. Yet there will be two Ordinances for second reading approving of contracts with the two Police unions and another raising the fees paid to office duty officers for private functions.

Two new Ordinances for first reading concern new contracts for the PMEA and the FMBA will be on the docket.

A third new Ordinance to be presented has to do with changes in Audit and Controls; to address repeated concerns of the City Auditors. Regrettably I have yet to read it by hope to before Monday’s meeting.

What is common in all the writings and discussions the past three days is a concern with the lack of controls in financial matters and the seeming reluctance of the Administration to adopt measures.  An example is that professional contracts that could merit awarding by RFP are still allocated by the “fair and open” favoritism route.  Building contracts seem to have been signed by division heads without the true costs being known or even transmitted to the Council.

The Council has failed by not insisting on being advised if there could be additional costs. It has failed by not following Cato the Elder’s policy of demanding at ever meeting for a report why critical posts remain unfilled.

To accept an under-chief’s comment that  an attempt to procure a CFO at a meeting that will take place almost three months from now as adequate effort to fill an inexcusable vacancy is untenable.

Back to the Agenda; the three Resolutions relating to the Plainfield Bilingual Day Care Center, of which two are for food and the third for an application and acceptance for funds from the State DOE  should question why this agency is a City Social Services Organization and if it could be run  by Non For Profit?

It should be noted that the city receives $12,300.00 per child from DOE and there are 30 children registered. This $369,000.00 is for educational purposes; why is it not a function of the BOE/PSS? Director Restaino was unprepared to answer questions relating to this institution.

The bids for Contract 4 of the 2012 re-pavement boom will b e rejected since they all came in well over estimate. There will be a slight revision of the specifics and it will be open for new bidding.

Tonight the agenda for Monday’s Council meeting will be available and I shall be able to post some remarks over the weekend.

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