Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of the non-prime-time Olympic sports is Field Hockey. It is a little known sport in the USA and in International competition the US does poorly. In fact this year's team results were W1-L4.

Field Hockey's US nexus is with the Philadelphia area. It is a woman's sport and for years was popular with girl's secondary schools and at the college level, especially in the mid-Atlantic states.

Plainfield had a long connection with the sport. In the decades after WWII the Kenyon Gardens; the green strip between Stelle and Randolph along the brook was the site of a Field Hockey  field. On weekends there were  games between teams from all over the region. 

The sport here seem to have declined with increase involvement in Women's Soccer and Lacrosse.

Another unfamiliar sport in this country is "Team Handball". It can be played indoors or outdoors. The teams have six players plus a goalie. The ball is thrown but can be dribbled. No other part of the body can be used to advance the ball. The game can be fast and scoring is frequent.

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