Monday, August 20, 2012


(Execution-1940 Bendor Mark)

Monday is suppose to be a blogging day this August. However, since the agenda for tonight's Council meeting has been well covered all week and there was nothing new this weekend; the above picture can be symbolic of Plainfield's governance.

Oh yes; there was Adrian Mapp's Presidential like announcement that he is a candidate for Mayor in 2013-no surprise. There may be hope, but there will have to be a drastic change in the Council.

Probably late Tuesday morning I will post some impressions of tonight's meeting.

JAMA the Journal of the American Medical Association has for decades featured a work of art on its weekly cover. Some are to say the least weird; most by artists not popularly known but so recognized by connoisseurs .

A more cheerful painting below "Fireworks on the Hudson (1976) painted by Herbert Katzman.

The explanation of the paintings follows. By clicking on them they can be enlarged to be readable.

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  1. I just discovered Katzman's work in JAMA. I really like the Fireworks painting.