Monday, August 13, 2012


TGI CM (Council Monday) There may be enough material to post on Tuesday and Thursday in anticipation of the business meeting.

The next four months will be an indication if there is hope (choice) in Plainfield politics.  The Mayor has once again submitted the same slate of appointees to PUMA. If this is placed on the Agenda for action and is approved we will have a true indication of the Councilors’ colors.

The Mayor is truly in a Win-Win position; if the Council accepts the slate she will have control of PMUA. Since the sitting Commissioners stay in office until a successor is chosen and the Council takes no action the mayor can let status quo stand and maintain her de facto control.

Should Councilor McWilliams submit her resignation the party can appoint a replacement to serve until the general election. Since the party candidate for the3 office would be the logical choice that will mean a premature shift in the Council status.

Once again we could have a recreation of the Gibson Rubber Stamp Councils and the 30 minute meetings.  At best the outlook for the coming year is bleak.

The continued failure to fill vacant Board and Commissions post is perhaps another reason that the Charter needs revision. There should be a mandatory right for the Council to makes such appointments if after reasonable number of attempts by the Mayor  fail to produce acceptable individuals.

It is most likely that unless there is unexpected intervention from the State; Plainfield’s deliberate disorganized government will benefit for at least the next 15 months.


  1. Doc.. once the Dem's get along and all are hugging like Mapp said.. even the Mayor will break into joyous song heralding in a new day of government for the people.. You'll see.. The Dem's have proven how much they think of the citizens of Plainfield.

  2. Once again, Rob, you assume too much. The people of Plainfield are tired of Sharon and so is most of the council. We do have to worry with Brown and the stooges who back Sharon in most issues, but even they see that Sharon is not good for their future. Plainfield needs much prayer to be saved from the Sharonda demon who seems hell bent on damaging Plainfield and it's people.

  3. Plainfielders you have an economic weapon at your disposal. Show your frustration by OPTING OUT of the PMUA. Should enough people OPT OUT you will create an economic TIPPING POINT which when it occurs will make the PMUA program unsustainable.

    The Shared Service Fee as it now exists is bogus. In reply to OPRA requests the PMUA refused to provide detailed calculations that support the Shared Service Fee. They first responded by sending an independent attorney's opinion that portions of executive deliberations can be redacted..that is, comments made by Executives in deliberations may remain confidential. This response is correct; but irrelevant to the inquiry which was made. The OPRA inquiry did not ask for confidential data, only the calculations which the PMUA's independent consultants testified they made to determine the amount of Shared Service Fee. THe PMUA is mandated to show the public calculations which justify their charges. In response to follow up OPRA inquiries, the PMUA responded that "NO WRITTEN REPORTS" were received from any of the 3 Consultants whom the PMUA engages to determine their annual fees prior to the night on which the Commissioners approved the Shared Service Fee.( Think about that gem ). When challenged on this matter orally at a monthly meeting Ms. London,attorney to the PMUA, responded by saying the analysis conducted by the Consultants to determine the Shared Service Fee could have consisted of 5,000 or more pages; given this volume it was impractical to furnish it. Apparently, the consultants not only did not furnish it to me, but they did not furnish either the supporting data, or a written summary of the conclusions derived from this data to the Commissioners.

    It is conspicuous that what occurred is that the PMUA decided to maintain the Household pick-up fee at about what private haulers charge to give the ILLUSION that the PMUA is competitive. To compensate between this amount and the total necessary to cover their exorbitant budget they simply loaded up the Shared Service Fee.. The reason the Mayor and allies on the City Council have dug in hard resisting an audit is that this ploy, amongst others, could not stand the light of day. Take a few minutes..OPT OUT. Bill Kruse