Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Quietly as befits the need for politicians to preserve face one of the most important moments during the meeting occurred quiet innocently when after conclusion of a series of Corporation Counsel appointments Councilor Williams asked the City Solicitor about the state of the Mayor’s suit against the Council (and the City).

Acting Corporation Counsel Minchello in a conversational tone of voice noted that “the Mayor had dropped her suit”.

Thus endeth another asinine self-centered episode in the annals of OZ. Perhaps Council Committee Chairman Reid in his ongoing crusade to limit legal costs incurred by the Council will be able to report the dollars and cents of public funds wasted on this episode and the total Council and Administration costs related to the WBLS affair. I would hope that they would be itemized.

Two breaks in the humdrum routine Council action resulted from Reid’s motion to table the $71432.03 prefab Joe Black Baseball field concession stand. A companion but new resolution authorizing 20k plus engineering fees never made it out of the Agenda Session.

Since the Stand is ready for delivery and apparently there was a technical problem in the Resolution "OK"ing its purchase which seems to have invalidated that resolution; what is the Cities responsibility?

More important was the true cost hidden from the Council. AS Councilor Reid said “they thought they were voting on a “turnkey project. There are many questions about this project and the public should have answers. The bet is that no action will be taken.

One other resolution bit the dust. By a 3 for 2 against vote a Resolution authorizing seeking outside collection agents to recoup over $700,000.00 in unpaid Court fines and costs failed. 4 votes simple majority of Council membership is eeded for passage. The absence of 2 Councilor members at the meeting empowered a minority.

I will not comment on the argument that collection agencies (Blanked statement) harass those owing money and the two no voters did not wish to have their constituents suffer.

It matters not that these are monies charged for violations of the law and that in most cases the violator is flouting his disrespect for the law.

More tomorrow

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