Monday, August 27, 2012


It is still summer and Tuesday; so just a few comments; tonight NJ goes on national TV, Governor Christie is the Repub's keynote speaker. Will it be fire and brimstone or just an extolment of why we need a change.? I will DVR it so if I fall asleep,very likely, I can if I wish listen to it tomorrow.

Due to the competitive lull between the two conventions and Isaac the TV media must be hard put for news for ABC (7) to flash as 'Breaking News" the accident at Park and 7th. Eyewitness gave the impression that the dump truck belonged to PMUA. They did not specifically state so but seem to imply that it was the Utilities vehicle. Turns out that the truck belongs to the BOE.

Along with the news Monday night was the report that the Bayonne BOE has approved lowering the passing grade from a 70 to 65. The reasoning is to give more students the "opportunity to succeed (in school) and have a greater opportunity to participate in after school activities".

I suppose that the score sheet will look better with more entering students graduating. Will Plainfield follow suit? Unlike other states such as New York with its Regents; New Jersey does not have a state standard passing grade. A district could make 50% or even 25% as its level.

And, I thought that the goal of mandatory education was to have a literate population.

LOCAL BETTERMENT ISSUE: Dunellen just received State designation an support for a Transit Village development. Over six/seven years of outside consultants and studies for Plainfield has yielded ZERO results. Chalk that up to this Administrations commitment to improve the city.

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  1. Doc -- I sometimes wonder what the government's goals really are.

    Why dumb everything down, lower the bar? How is that serving the country's need for educated workers and voters? How is this truly serving the children?

    In the end, if you lower the standards, you crank out people who can't comprehend complex ideas, read or do basic math required to function in this world. You create people who don't possess critical thinking skills and are easily manipulated and duped.

    Maybe that is the government goal -- dumb citizens that will make decisions based on emotions and appearances, not looking at proofs, logic and real outcomes.

    I've always thought it ironic that people who decry racism and bring up past enslavement see nothing wrong with their children being uneducated and content with government handouts. It's just another brand of slavery.