Saturday, August 18, 2012


My electronic copy of Monday’s agenda arrived late Friday night and I have only have had an opportunity to scan it. However as expected most of it is a duplicate of material covered after the Agenda Setting Session this week.

There is a major exception; 13 Resolutions from the “Corporation Solicitor” acting as Corporation Counsel;” which were not discussed prior to this agenda. In my interpretation of Parliamentary procedure they will have to be introduced as “new items”.

These 13 Resolutions are devoted to a list of appointments of multiple special attorneys for various duties such as (a) Workman’s Compensation Counsel  (3);(b)Litigation Defense Counsel (6)-there must be a great number of suits against the city;(c) Independent hearing office(1); (d) special defense Counsel (1);(e) Tax appeals Counsel(1);(f) Bond Counsel(1) and  an additional appropriation for $75,000.00 for David L. Minchello, Esq. !!!.

Everyone has an “amount not to exceed $5,000.00 which I wonder is a retainer and there will be additional fee for service charges. Without any contract available we are in the dark.
Mr. Minchello stipend as City Solicitor was set ‘in an amount not to exceed $75,000.00 per budget per Resolution 185-12 (May 2012). If this additional $75,000.00 is paid that will be a total of $150,000.00 this year. Not bad for a part time job.

What were Plainfield’s “legal costs” in 2011 and to date this year? How are they broken down?
Once again there is a question about the necessity of having a “full time Corporation Counsel, This and the need for the City Council to have its independent legal counsel must be addressed and I believe could be done by Ordinance.

Again there are items on the Consent Agenda that would be adopted unanimously but do not belong on that agenda since they are not routine and of a great amount of money. One is for a $717,583.00 contract with the State for the supplemental nutrition WIC program. Also the three financial resolutions related to the Bilingual Day Care Center do not belong on the Consent Agenda.

Other controversial resolutions on the agenda which have been a matter of concern for all the “Bloggers" are the Concession Stand and the additional costs for the Police Headquarters work. These three resolutions have problems which no one on the Council has received satisfactory explanations.

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