Friday, August 24, 2012

OZmania tidbits.

Friday in summertime was to be a serious blogging day. There should be no excuse for the doldrums, but life is what it is. Thus after Labor Day and a visit from 40% of great grandchildren we plan to try (key word) posting early every morning.

Great names: “Freeze”, The weatherperson on NY TV;”Tort”, name of one of the partners in a legal firm listed in the August Resolutions.

This coming week was to be dominated by the Republican Convention in Tampa with our Governor as the Key Note Speaker. In a change from the days when the networks made a major issue of the Convention shenanigans the major networks have announce that there will be limited coverage because of “lack of public interest”!.

That may be true. In the mid to late 20th Century conventions the candidates were not selected beforehand and politics was rampant. The “demonstrations” were often spontaneous and viewer fun. Since there is now so little unknown except for some elements of the platform; in recent years those outbreaks have been so orchestrated that they are sterile.

The two most important events about this year’s Republican Convention will be the impact of Isaac and whether the Republican Party will remain a viable force in American politics.

It has been reported that of the ignored speakers will be Mrs. Romney. As the candidates wife I would thing she would be just as important as the Democrat Candidates wife, who happens to be the present “First Lady”.

Politics in Oz will be an ongoing subject for the next 9 months until the Primary 2013 elections. The suspense is over; the Mayor recognizing the City’s need for efficient clean government has succumb to the pressure and announced her intention to run for a third term.

Oz continues to be a subject for prime time TV. Fortunately it is not always bad or bizarre.

Only in Oz would several good Samaritans help a criminal escape from her victim. Overlooked in the laughter is the fact that in OZ there are individuals willing to take the risk and intervene in a criminal act.

It is nice to know that not all Plainfielders are criminals. The Council should pass a resolution in their honor.

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