Thursday, March 29, 2012


Transparency:"frankness, openness, candour, directness, forthrightness, straightforwardness openness and transparency in the government's decision-making" Dictionary definition.

If I can recall the Grand Slam ran on a slate which promised "Transparency". The question are those successful Board Members typical politicians who forget their promises once elected?

What have we heard about a search for a System Superintendent? Is there one in place? If so why the lack of information?

Now out of the blue comes a plan to convert Hub Steins playing and practice fields to artificial turf. What is the rational? Nowadays, the only venues are where there is no or little sun. Domed stadiums are ideal, or perhaps in extreme northern climates. Neither condition is applicable here.

If the football field had poor drainage that could be an excuse but again that is not a factor.

I presume the Athletic department made its recommendation to the BOE for the installation. If so what are its reasons? The negatives as far as this lay person knows far outweighs the advantages if any.

Has the Board considered that Artificial Turf is by far the most expensive? What about the upkeep costs? If there are any savings from natural turf maintenance do the justify the long term cost?

From what I have read over the years the number of injuries on artificial turf especially to ankle and knee are far more numerous and more severe than on grass. Has that been taken into account? Also in baseball the ball travels at a faster rate then on grass which has the potentiality of increased sports injury.

We the taxpayers who want the best possible education for Plainfield's children feel that once again the BOE has acted as if the public need not know how or why their money is being spent

To read for the first time in a blog that this plan is in the progress and that the field is being closed for public use certainly is contemptuous of the public.

These are not personnel matters which rightly can be done without revealing names. Transparency, does the Board members know what it means?


  1. As usual ASSumptions you make with no effort to get your ASSumptions over to a meeting to see what is going on...

  2. 7:44am Vulgarity befits one who is ashamed to be identified. I hope I am wrong about who you are.

    If I had been at a meeting would I have known about the plans for the Hub Stein field? Would I learn about the search for a superintendent?

  3. Anonymous is an ass, but increased injuries on astro-turf is not an assumption. The cost is not an assumption, and the lack of transparency before spending a lot of tax payer money is not assumed. This BOE is not transparent and those elected are not meeting their promises. Our students don't have text books or school supplies, so why are we wasting money on astro-turf. Let's get real and ignore that Assumption from an ignorant source.

  4. Hi Olddoc I really appreciate you bringing this Hub-Stein field bad VERY bad situation to the light. Who is getting the kick-backs from this. Why are they doing this? These board member's are just very bad for our city and especially for our CHILDREN. The next election they WILL have FOUR down and FIVE more to go.

    Thanks Doc

  5. Vulgarity is subjective. and Yes, Yes and Yes.

  6. Read Pellum's post by a guest writer who was there at the meeting.

    You can also Review the tape that will be on TV.

  7. Well we know who anon 7:44am is. Maybe id she would stand on the grounds she minipulated this community into VOTING her in, she would not get so upset when the truth peaks it's ugly head. WOW

    Keep up the good work

  8. ASTRO-TURF can i say CHEMICAL TURF. go figure, Our Children Our Future full of CHEMICALS that will never be healthy for their FUTURE. I really can not believe this.

  9. I don't think 7:44AM is hiding no more than any of you other Anomyers. You all are something else. Crabs in a barrelllllll. Keep it up you are going places.