Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tuesday night; the Good the Bad and the Macabre; the Good if you are a middle of the road Republican which I believe most are, Romney's decisive win over Santorum in Illinois places him more than half way to the 1144 delegates needed to wrap up the party nomination. New Jersey's vote in June may be the one that puts him over the top.

The Bad; the Plainfield Boys after a close struggle succumbed to the semi-pro St. Anthony 66-62. St. Anthony is one of the top teams in the Country. The Cardinals can hold their heads high.

(Corrected) The Macabre, well sort of, the 3rd Ward Town Hall meeting at Cedarbrook School. The topic was JFK's plans for a 600+ apartment to replace the Muhlenberg complex. After listening for almost 45 minutes to the consultants glib presentation of why 600 units of luxury apartments would benefit Plainfield before of a crowd of much more than a hundred, the numerous citizens publicly addressed the Council. Not one spoke in favor of the proposed plan.

Plainfield a City of nearly 50,000 souls needs its own medical facility. It need not be as grandiose as the MRMC was before closure. Instead it must have a short term acute unit as well as an ER that can take care of the most urgent cases. Included would be an OB unit and a same day surgical suite. Some of the older facility could contain and extended (long term) care section which would be low maintenance. There has to be the capability of emergency major life savings services as well as the normal support diagnostic units.

This briefly is the type facility that JFK fears and do anything to prevent. An empty lot for supposedly a project that will never be built is preferable to a competitor, even one with limited capabilities.

9AM: Read in this morning's papers that Plainfield had to play most of the game without Sears who was injured. More credit to the Cards who were competitive.

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  1. There are twenty pieces to this jigsaw puzzle and it can be put together. It's a job really too complex for City Hall, any city hall. Even JFK is one of the pieces, if they keep to their word that they want to maintain and upgrade the ER.

    We don't want a square peg in a round hole though, which is what will come about if we follow the housing plan presented to us. A productive Economic Development Corporation, had one been in place, may have made a big-difference.

    But that would have conflicted with the overall Plainfield mindset, better to be a beggar than a chooser. Perpetual serfdom is the road to power in our medieval land of intrigue.

    Does that make us European? Hell no! The PMUA Task Force showed we can advocate forecfully, and we certainly can put together a 20-piece puzzle. Who's up for ending the bondage?