Friday, March 2, 2012


A rapid review of Monday night's agenda reveals that all the contract resolutions that were tabled (withdrawn) last month at the Administration's request are back on the discussion agenda. Since the wording on the Agenda is the same it will take a review of the support data to decide if there is any residual problem.

I expect to see the material at the Library this Saturday morning and will have comments in tomorrow's blog.

There are two items of interest that merit notice now. The first is the mayor's veto of Ordinance 2012-1. If I am right this the I believe that this is, in my opinion, the silly Mapp introduce Ordinance stating that any elect official who becomes a lame duck is not entitled to any perk benefits such as meetings, courses and possibly health insurance..

Although the professed intent is to not waste money on someone who will not be able to give the City any benefit from meetings or courses attended this is at best a case of "Penny wise;pound foolish". Moreover in view of some of the other actions taken by some members of the Council this past two years it seems to be a matter of pre-election posturing. I look for the Mayor's veto to be upheld next week.

The other item is 10 minutes being allowed Citizen Maria Pellum to discuss the 'Idea of a Community Health Citizen.s Task Force As you may be aware this is a subject that is dear to my heart. It will be interesting to hear what she has to propose and if the council will accept such a concept.

10:00AM: As of this hour the Council material was not available at the Library. I will not have time to check later today,thus no further comment on Sunday or Monday.

Since the Council failed to approve of the Compliance Officer last month and did not OK an acting one who did so function in order to approve the tabled contracts? We will find out Monday pm.

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