Thursday, March 1, 2012


I had not intended to devote any more blog space at this time on the MRMC issue My attention, however has been directed by Maria's blog to this blog which has a summary of much of Solaris' financial deals that resulted in the rape of Plainfield's hospital.

Read it all and weep. Draw your own conclusions about who knew or did not know what was going on leading up to the closure of the hospital. But the fact is that from the day of the "merger" of the two hospitals Solaris was planning to close Muhlenberg. Moreover, the city's political power who must have been aware of the long range plans f ailed to involve the public in an attempt to counter them.

The author of this blog Deborah Dowe in 2008-9 had contacted a "for profit" hospital group that showed interest in the facility. It is questionable whether the municipal authorities paid any attention to them since they were focusing on a real estate entrepreneur recommended by Green at that time.

A fact that is overlooked is that when two entities merge the personnel are also combined. After the JFK/MRMC merger there was never any attempt to unite the medical staffs. Instead JFK selectively sought out certain specialist groups from MRMC and gave them inducements to bring their patients to Kennedy. This weakened the inpatient admissions at Muhlenberg of profitable patients contributing to the so called losses.

There has always been a question about the bookkeeping allotment of expenses and income in the Solaris balance sheet concerning charges allocate to Muhlenberg that were system wide and included salaries of JFK officials who had minimal contact in Plainfield.

Why has to this date Plainfield not collected taxes at least on the profit earning property that still occupies portion of the property?

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  1. Our political leaders are not to be trusted on this issue, as with many others. There is no mechanism for development in Plainfield that involves public and private entities, academics, and residents, and we're all too accustomed to the back-room deal.

    Along with the social services, economic development needs to be more community based, pro-active, and removed from the confines of City Hall.

    There really is no excuse for letting our foundations crumble, and I strongly believe a formula can be found, and strong partners enlisted, to keep the hospital open. It may not be basement to rooftop hospital any longer, but it should still be able to accomodate our emergency and immediate medical needs, and build some profitable niches.

    Our leadership, if it advocates for anything, advocates for handouts and band-aids. What it doesn't do, is create the process for taking the bull by the horns so we reduce the need for those palliatives. In this regard, Plainfield would benefit greatly from an Economic Development Corporation.

    Bulldozing the past is not always the road to a better future. I'm not talking about buildings, but the fabric that ties us together, and ties us to all those who got us here to begin with.

    To regain our vibrant past and build for the future requires work, it won't be dropped in our laps. Our city leaders need to be working on the mechanism to achieve the work that needs to be done. Instead they have led us to acquiescence and indifference.

  2. The city has not collected any taxes because our political forces more than likely made a deal with them for Solaris’ redevelopment plans!

  3. Ron West, who served as a top official in Al McWilliams' administration, served and continued to serve on Muhlenberg's Board of Trustees and probably Solaris Board too. Who if anyone did he tell?