Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are entering the third month of our fiscal year without any evidence that a budget is ready for adoption. Finances are critical so I read on Wednesday with interest the Star Ledger's front page article about the excessive costs of insurance some communities were carrying by not belonging to the State Plan but using private agents to obtain policies. The savings could be astronomical.

Undoubtedly, Plainfield with it perpetual lack of a fiscal control officer or director has never considered that alternative. There has never been a reluctance to avoid bidding on contracts but to award them to "State approved vendors"

In the case of insurance the State has a policy pool which municipalities can participate. I do not believe that they have a list of approved agents.

Since the agent's commission is paid by the carrier, there is no information on how much of our payments goes to the agent. There is no way to determine if the deal agreed to is best in benefits and costs. We must trust that the agency handling the contract is not influenced by the size of the commission .

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  1. I think we need to elect a mayor who will have budgets in ahead of time and not play games with our money. I encourage others to write to the governor's office about the problems in City Hall. I did and did get action.

  2. I believe Plainfield is part of the State Health Benefits Plan.

  3. 1:04PM, I hope it is. I do know that there are insurances that are "brokered out" but I do not remember which ones.

  4. TIME TO VOTE DEMOCRAT ! It's about time we get some people in office who work for the people of the city!

  5. Rob,

    Who do you think holds office now?

  6. Anonymous: My point exactly

  7. It would appear that no one seems to understand state contracts.

    The purpose of them is that the state goes out to bid on a larger scale. So why would the City go to bid when the state has already done it. Let the State bear the bid costs and also obtain better pricing than the City can do by themselves.