Thursday, March 22, 2012


Earlier today I posted a blog in which I stated that I was removing myself for at least today from the civic affairs of our fair city; Oz.

That was before I made the mistake to check Jerry Green’s blog to see what self congratulatory Democratic sponsored law had been passed in the legislature.

Instead I found “Stop the Politic Grand Standing. It's Time for Real Solutions.“.

Once again our local political boss and voice in Trenton has tended to chastise those whose interests are in the Community’s welfare. He has insinuated that to attend a meeting that might affect the city was disrespectful to the greater importance of watching (not supporting or appreciating) Plainfield’s superb High School Basketball Team.

Indeed in my mind the Cardinals were the best team in the State and would have been champions if Sears had not been injured. May all the players compete in the game of life with as much intensity as they have on the ball court.

One would infer that Sports before education or quality of life should be the most important interest of the 50,000.00 residents. I quote The difference in those numbers shows that people know what’s important. I would prefer not to talk about last night’s Third Ward Town Hall Meeting at Cedarbrook School, when on the same night our kids took part in a chance to make history for the City of Plainfield and the State of New Jersey.

I further quote from Green’s blog: Two meetings this week, the Third Ward Town Hall meeting, and the special Council meeting on Monday regarding the PMUA involved political grand standing on problems without bringing us closer to solutions. I will have no take part in that sort of theatre. Both meetings were filled with misinformation given to the public which will only make real solutions more difficult to find.

Despite Green’s later posting today To Set the Record Straight I was under the impression that what Green publicly stated Monday night was that the Council and the citizens should down play the PMUA situation and try not to encourage a Republican Governor’s investigation? The exact verbatim phraseology I do not have.

I do agree that the Assemblyman never said that he was against a Republican Governor’s Administration (and the Governor) coming into Plainfield to investigate any part of the City government.

It seems that everything is fine in Plainfield where there are no questionable financial transactions, no acts of nepotism or patronage in a municipal structure. The only danger lies in those damn Republicans which includes anyone who challenges the City Party Chairman.

Could it be that there is a fear that any investigation of the PMUA will ultimately turn to the Mayor’s office that makes recommendations for appointments to the Commissioners. It may then extend to an investigation of the City Administration and perhaps the PSS which depends on State funding.

Assemblyman,please do not resort to implying legal threats or smearing the character of all who oppose you.

I do not believe that I have ever accused you of doing anything illegal but I have expressed my opinion that you have not always acted strongly enough to protect the interests of Plainfield’s residents.

Assemblyman Green, in your role as Plainfield’s political leader please write about what have been your effective positive actions in re-establishing quality health care in Plainfield


  1. Since Jerry never posts comments, I sent them to him and you.


    Mr Assemblyman,
    The grandstanding comes by the way of you and our council members. We the people who you all were elected to serve aren't interested in doing what's right. You guys talk the talk but at the end of the day you've done nothing about the corruption and waste. The PMUA charges 2-3 times more than what the actual costs are. I only wish that you would take a serious look and reign in the excesses. It was nearly THREE years ago that you attended a meeting at the public library and said that you would do something. Well to date, you have done nothing. I'm tired of the antics by you and other elected officials. Hopefully someday you will be held accountable.
    -- On behalf of the 49,850 residents in Plainfield (that's 150 less due to the 150 PMUA employees).

  2. Doc, what can I say? Jerry is a bafoon, and only wins because he gives people jobs and scares them into thinking that if they don't vote for him, they will lose their jobs.

    He doesn't have a worthwhile thing to say, so he diverts attention to something else.

    Think of it, here is the "Second Most Powerful Man in the Assembly (if not Trenton, if not the world), not understanding that meetings are scheduled way in advance, that having to choose between a meeting or bb game does not mean you are for or against one or the other. He's must not have much to do in Trenton if that is all he has to talk about.

    Hey, Mr. Powerful! What happened with Muhlenburg?