Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Some other thoughts about the PMUA Task Force Committee report and the PMUA.

There is no question that if left to this Council and for the next two years at least the majority of the Council will be stymied in attempting any form of positive action.

There are two possible solutions; one I noted in my earlier blog and which I just read in Alan Goldstein's comment to Bernice's blog. That is a Referendum on the November ballot to dissolve the PMUA. The problem is that even if it is binding the mechanism to accomplish that task might not be available so once again 3 votes will negate the public will.

The other which the party will strongly resist is a public demand for the State to take over the PMUA and determine disposition.

To regress I do remember, and this can be confirmed if reliable undoctored minutes of the Council meetings are available, that in 1995 I among others strongly objected to the formation of the PMUA as another Plainfield boondoggle.

The fact that the proposed executives were the three top administrators in the DPW which had charge of the sewers as well as city cleanliness should have turned everyone off. Except for the addition of solid waste the job of the PMUA was one that should have been done properly by the City's DPW.

The Bonds Issue can not be overlooked. No matter what transpires we the tax payerts have the ultimate responsibility for the Bonds. However the enabling PMUA action gave them a blank check to "borrow" on the City's credit.

The report's validity is compromised although not fataly by the inclusion of anecdotal comparisons with Cranford. That is like comparing apples with oranges. The data from Union Township and New Brunswick are significant and the dramatically point out the need for PMUA action.

Council President Mapp stated that the Report will be posted on the City's Internet site.

One will remember that the authority did not have the votes from a Council which included Malcolm Dunn to pass the enabling Ordinance. It took the election of Al. McWilliams to the Council to provide the deciding vote. Once again good intentions have been corrupted by action.

I will once again insist that despite professions of "hands off", the one person who can have a positive impact on the City's problems is the local party Chairman. All except a few of the "New Democrats" who hold elective or appointed positions in the City Government or Authorities are beholden to him. Any improprieties is a reflection on his leadership.

The Assemblyman's position is such that he could initiate a State Forensic audit of not only the PMUA but the City's own financial affairs. H**l will freeze over first.

Tonight the Plainfield High School Basketball team will participate in the summit of its own March Madness. They are at a disadvantage of meeting a private (parochial) school that can recruit the cream of the states athletes. I am sure that they all have scholarships so they have a free ride and can be under the scrutiny of college scouts with the carrot of NBA possibilities.

Let Plainfield be the Ohio U. of this years State tournament tonight.

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