Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aside from the shenanigans mentioned yesterday the meat of the Council Meeting was not in the Resolutions and Ordinances but in the discussion items including some not on the agenda.

The first was the R&V's City Engineer 's report on the review of the city streets and plans for repavement this year. The South Ave project will b e resumed when warmer weather becomes the norm.Watchung Ave should be next as soon as the program is approved. Not until then can bids be requested. It was noted that work will be done in all 4 quarters. There should be some action next Monday.

Maria Pellum presented her concept for a Community Health Citizen's Task Force which although received with interest may not have been completely understood by the Council since there seemed to be some confusion with the function of the newly Health Department created Health Consortium.

Ms Pellum envisions starting with a core lay group of about 9 to 15 supported by Council and Administration to develop an assessment of all of Plainfield's health resources and determining what additional ones would be needed and proceeding to implement and coordinate those needs. The determination of what can be done with the Muhlenberg property would be also a charged to this group. We will see if and how it plays out.

Councilor Williams brought the Councils attention to the fact it is well into the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year and there is no indication when the draft would be ready for the Council's approval. Administration stated that they were waiting for a needed report from the Auditors,and upon receipt will be able to finalize their draft. The estimate was mid month or not before April.

The Audit Report with it many negative findings and recommendations was briefly discussed:It was suggested that there be a meeting with the Auditors and that a corrective action plan be established

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  1. The auditors can only point the way to fiscal reform. It is up to the administration to carry it out. By signing the corrective action plan, the council only puts the onus on those who have the responsibility for day-to-day operations.