Monday, March 12, 2012


For once the Council meting ended early. It was however not without drama of the comic variety that only opposing personalities can create.

When Council President Mapp banged the opening gavel the absence of three Councillors was conspicuous. McWilliams had informed President Mapp that could not attend but could be reached by phone if needed. Councilors Reid and Rivers attended by speakerphone from the meeting in AC that they were attending .

Equally conspicuous was the absence of City Administrator Berry; Director of Administration and Finances Restaino sat in as the Acting City Administrator. Also missing was Director of Public Safety Hellwig, and Director of Public works Jackson. Restaino reminded me of DaSheilds when he replied to one question directed towards him as "I will get back to you". I noted the missing since the Department heads are present to act a resources if needed.

In the first order of business there were three Ordinances for second reading. The first one dealt with the structure of the Emergency Management Council. This one past with 5 votes; Rivers abstaining.

Next an Ordinance requiring among other things finger printing and vetting of all employees in the local bars and grills was tabled after a lengthily protest by a representative for the local Bar owners. More about this later.

In Reid's physical absence Councilwoman Williams was then elected to act as Council Chairman

Two Resolutions; one for an appointment to the Housing Authority Board and another for appointments to the PMUA board were tabled with the only negative vote from Rivers.

During this portion of the meeting the Mayor was apparently making remarks off microphone but loud enough for Councilor Williams to hear as the Councilwoman was reading the Resolutions to be voted. This led to Councilor Williams protesting to the Chair about the Mayors discourtesy.

The mayor then burst out into a tirade about Williams' character and her refusal to pledge allegiance to the Flag (and country). Her outburst was accompanied by applause by her claque sitting in the rear of the Court Room and a staged exit by some veterans.

Shortly afterward Rivers blasted the Council for its bickering and announced that she was leaving the meeting.

To be continued.


  1. It's funny that Williams does not pledge allegiance to the flag. I for one know she does pledge allegiance to the dollar.

  2. 7:42 am, Glad you don't like dollars.
    Regarding the pledge of allegiance; it in itself is meaningless since even those who would destroy our personal liberty are most often the loudest during the pledge. Words do not mean conviction.

    In an earlier blog I wrote why I felt that both the prayer and pledge to open any meeting was nonsense.

    If you doubt my commitment to the United States because of the above; I can show you my discharge papers, combat record and purple heart.

  3. To Annon 7:42, that is a ridiculous comment.

    It is Councilwomen William's prerogative not to pledge allegiance.


  4. Really, this is what the mayor focuses on? Of course, Plainfield is in a wonderful state, and we have nothing else to do.

  5. It's interesting.

    People want others to accept and respect them as they are.

    Yet, it's difficult to tolerate and respect others who think or act differently.

    All of us are flawed human beings. We all mess up, get tired, frustrated, be thoughtless, careless, angry -- and unfortunately we take it out our frustrations on each other over really meaningless stuff.

    I like everyone who serves us. They are doing their best. If we are unhappy with what is not getting done, it's our job to let them know what we want, what we expect, and help where we can.

    If we are unhappy with their performance or they aren't up to the task, we have the ability to put someone else into that leadership position. It doesn't mean that person is bad or evil.

    We can disagree wholeheartedly with someone's viewpoint, or actions they have taken -- but we should first and foremost respect the person.

  6. Is always funny how someone who proclaims to be such " person of God " like our infamous Mayor, goes out of her way consistently to prove she is as far from it as possible.
    You can't hide ugly on the inside as easily as you can on the always comes seeping through.

  7. The only reason Adrian Mapp changed his tone is because of the letter from the state. Otherwise he was all for it. He was even trying to get his brother in-law a seat on the commission. He didn’t show any opposition to it before that. Wasn't he in favor of the latest appointments thus going against the other "new dems". Mapp continues to show himself as a sell-out and flip-flopper! Mapp only cares about Mapp and being this city’s next mayor, which he doesn’t deserve to be mayor or even 3rd ward council. Say NO to Mapp in the June primary and in November.