Friday, March 16, 2012


I have not sen the morning papers for any startling local or national news. For the next two weeks Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be dominate by an American cult priority; March Madness.

Last night only V.U .C victory over Wichita State , Colorodo over U.V.N.M were upsets. The rest of the games were boring. The sole exception being the anticipation of seeing #1`seed Syracuse being beaten by a 16 seed.

With the help of two outrageous -at least in the eyes of the announcers- calls in the last two minutes Syracuse was able to escape embarrassment.

Perhaps today will be that day people remember. The round of 32 over the weekend will begin the days of strife among near equals. This log will have time to find matters of interest to post.

There is one bit of National Madness that has escaped public notice. Doonsbury a political / social satire which in most papers is carried on the "comics page" except locally the Ledger has for years printed it on its editorial page began a week long attack on the Texans and Rick Perry's Republican's anti abortion laws. They do not prohibit abortion but are aimed at not only making it difficult to have one but also to public embarrass the woman. The strip in its political mode is in the Ledger. The Courier's strip this week is devoted to a nonsense about texting and being oblivious to the world.

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