Saturday, March 10, 2012


Monday night's agenda as posted contains 3 Ordinances for second reading, 1 Ordinance for first reading. and 42 Resolutions of which 26 are on the consent agenda.

One wonders if we are truly living in the city of Oz , or perhaps in Helium on Barsoon. However, when my cat scolds me for being 15 minutes late with his food I realize that I am really in Plainfield ,N.J. the quintessence of political and ethical decorum.

Where else would the mayor submit for the third time the same two recommendations for appointments to the Housing Authority, and the PMUA. Perhaps she feels that she can wear the Council down by her tenacity in seeking her way. Or perhaps a little nepotistic carrot will carry the day.

There will be a failure vote to over ride her veto of a silly Ordinance with at the maximum only 4 votes for overriding.

According to the Agenda the "Consent Agenda consists of "All matters considered to be routine and non controversial by the Council". Only in Oz would this be applicable to 7 Resolutions awarding a total of nearly 2 million dollars in contracts.

It matters not whether these contracts were awarded to State Approved Vendors or by Bids; the funds involved should require the 2 minutes it takes to approve each one individually. What makes it more unusual is the fact that these seven were tabled last month, so their reappearance is not routine.

To be considered before any legislative action is an item under "Unfinished Business" referred to as the "Audit Report for the Fiscal Year ending June 30,2011". The Council will have to acknowledge reading the report and perhaps finding out what corrective actions have been taken by Administration. Since most of the noted negative comments have been repeated for many years ; I suppose that the answer will be "none".

There was to be a report on the 2012 FY budget status as a result of last Monday's meeting's discussion however I have failed to see it listed.

All the agenda items have been discussed in detail this past Monday and so reported. There probably be no need for a blog reviewing the Agenda items.

Don't forget to jump tonight.

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