Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I must have been about 11 years old when I discovered “The Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first of many books by the author of Tarzan set in an imaginary Mars. In those days when little was known about the planets and it was believed that there were canals visible on Mars; meaning water and life.

These glorified “Westerners” greatly appealed to the imagination of youngsters in an age where there was no TV and ones imagination could run rapid.

It mattered not that among other things there were four different types of “humans” living there; that they were colored Red, Green, Black and White. That some had four arms or six legs and that babies were hatched from eggs that were incubated for years in a communal incubator. It seemed logical that John Carter a Civil War Veteran who is the hero could mate with the Princess of Helium and have a son. It all seemed logical and this Friday a movie “John Carter” derived from those near century old novels will hit the screen.

What does this have to do with last night’s Council meeting? Only that in this day and age, in our fair city of OZ ludicrous fantasy still exists.

I will not dwell on the news that I learned first late last night reading Dan’s “Plainfield Today” blog and in detail this morning that our dedicated civil oriented Mayor is suing the Council for investigating her actions related to the WBLS incident. That is meat for another blog.

Nor will I report in detail about the good things that happened last night. Instead believe or not the Charade of responsible municipal government included;

The Mayor submitted just before the meeting started three sets for appointments that have been twice rejected for approval by the Council.

This included Commissioners for the PMUA; Rewarding newly appointed Commissioner Dunn and Alternate Sanders for bypassing the Board and the arbitrator and make a deal which the PMUA approved by a split vote giving Watson and Ervin 1 million dollars for resigning as top executives of the PMUA. At the same time she would punish PMUA Chairman Mitchel by only reappointing him as an alternate. The other two recommendations have also been controversial.

On the agenda were 9 contracts awarding resolutions that had been tabled last month due to the absence of a Public Compliance Officer’s OK. That this time there were no certifications of the approval did not seem to concern the Council.

The Compliance Officer whose duty is among other things is to certify that there was n o discrimination in awarding contracts and that procedures in awarding the contract were followed Had been David Spaulding the Purchasing Agent

His reappointment had been rejected by the Council earlier this year. City Administrator Berry in response to repeated questioning by Councilor Williams after evading the issue finally admitted that Spaulding was again acting as the Compliance Officer and that there was nothing in the regulations or City Charter that noted this position had to have Council approval.

Council President Mapp has promised to research the requirements.

During the Public comments at the end of the meeting Citizen Campbell pointedly brought up the question of nepotism in the appointments to city jobs. His reference may be directed at the PMUA nominations. Again there may be an ulterior motive cloaked in “public interest”.

I do not have space for the good especially Maria’s Pellum’s discussion on a Citizens Health Task Force. This too should be subject for several blogs.

Who needs to go to see a 3D fantasy extravaganza about Barsoon (Burrough’s Mars) when we have Plainfield politics? Then again if I went to the movies it might be just as much fun as the first “Star Wars”.


  1. Dear Dr. Yood,

    First, thanks for the kind words. But what I am writing you about is about Edgar Rice Burroughs as he was, and still is, one of my favorite writers of all times. I grew up with an old collection of Tarzan original, though translated to Spanish, Tarzan Adventures books. It was Tarzan, not Jane, who I used to "role play" on my childhood years. Thanks for bringing back happy days from not that long ago! Regards.

  2. uhhh...Doc, Star Wars was Sci-Fi..this is disgusting petty reality of politics in a "one party town"...Congrats to you mindless lever pullers.
    It's all about Obama right Adrian???

  3. Rob, Star Wars was and is more "Fantasy" than Sci-Fi.