Monday, March 26, 2012


Although four great basketball games,a, college lacrosse match between #1 and#2 which ended in sudden death overtime AND above all TIGER IS BACK marked this weekend; .

Were it only in the the non earthshaking world of NAAC college basketball that March Madness took place; the world would be fine. A great 4 days of March Madness; only next Saturday and Monday night is left

That is applicable only to College Basketball.unfortunately since it is obvious that March Madness has extended out into the real world; Especially into our world of OZ. When it extends to our daily life; business and everyday affairs of governance it becomes a serious matter. March only represents a specific time episode in the ongoing fantasy of Plainfield Life.
In Plainfield there will be a Special Council meeting M Wednesday night to pass a resolution hiring a special Counsel to represent the Council as defendant in the Mayor's suit against it.

(Thank You Rebecca)

Once agaian Queen Sharon (anointed by CN Editorial writer) has charged blindly in to the fray, irregardless of the consequences that may affect her "subjects". It does not matter that an impartial investigator found her guilty of improper manipulation of public funds. It dose not matter that her stone walling the investigation cost the city sufficient amounts of funds to be paid to the lawyer. It does not matter that when she did testify she fabricated a phantasmagorical state of emergency as a defense. It doesn't matter that she had services paid for before they were rendered. It does not matter that there were monies not in the budget expended without Council approval. It does not matter that she was not charged with any criminal action, although it was suggested that the matter could be turned over to the Prosecutor's office. What matters he that she hired a Lawyer without having been charged. And now that she is unwilling to accept a $200.00 slap on the wrist.

To those who have defended her fancy free use of Municipal funds as "it was only $6,000.00" and you are spending much more to find out"; condone this suite which will cost much more. Or will they contribute to the Queen's war fund? Will her defenders figure how much it has cost the taxpayers because she would not admit improprieties.

To those who have defended the Mayor; there is no difference between the act of missappropriatin $10.00 and $1,000,000.00 other than the size of the theft. The intent is the same and the mentality is the same.


  1. Her highness is a joke and those who support her actions are also a joke and as uncaring as the mayor is about the taxpayers of Plainfield. Shame on them all and a pox on their political futures.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. Frivolous investigations = Frivolous Lawsuits.

    Why are you surprised? Welcome to OZ.