Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today is the Ides of March, notable for the assassination of Caesar, memorialized by Shakespeare; "Et tue Brute"

March Madness began Monday night with at least three games that exceeded expectations. In the first game Western Kentucky with Plainfield's Derrick Gordon (St. Pats) made the greatest rally in the tournament's history coming from 16 points down in the last 4 minutes to win. That was followed by another record comeback in the second game when BYU after falling behind by 25 points rallied to win. President Obama was a court side for the first game.

A third thriller happened in he NIT when U.Mass won its game in double overtime.

BY the time this is posted we will know if the second night was equally as entertaining. On Thursday and Friday there will be 16 NCAA games each day; almost all will run true to form.

The pleasant relaxation from Plainfield's disquiet was shattered to read on Tuesday morning that a Policeman had bee savagely attacked on the 200 block of Watchung Ave while "four bystanders stood by in amazement. The Policeman's life was saved by three motorist good Samaritans, one of whom beat off the attacker using a bat. One of the other's had her car damaged because she had placed it in a position to protect the fallen policeman from being run over .

What is disturbing is that these good people wish to remain anonymous "for fear of retaliation". # That could be a reflection on some of the polarization that seems to be resulting from the conflict arising around the Mayor. On the other hand ,that fear could represent a popular racist opinion of lawlessness in the city. Either possibility is dangerous and somehow there must be a generalized effort to discount those fears. If that is not done Plainfield will truly become a dead city.

Yea Bucknell upset NIT #1 Arizona the others "Oh Hum".
The Plainfield Cardinals have only one more obstacle to return to the State Championship Finals.Keep it up.

# 8:00AM In Today's Courier the heroes are identified. The two men appear to be Hispanic, What is sad is once again there is mention of a number of "on-lookers". I wrote years ago in a 'private booklet about my WWII experiences that " Heroes are not born but are made by spontaneous unplanned reactions under stressful situations" How I (when I was younger) or any of the readers would have acted at that time no one can speculate. Most would probably tried to avoid due to a natural fear of being hurt themselves, others would react without thought out of moral instinct. The latter I saw during the war, most never received an recognition.

I hope the Mayor publicly acnowledges our Heroes.

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  1. Plainfield, New Jersey's #1 Public High School Basketball team.

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