Monday, July 18, 2016


Monday is the start of the Republican convention and if things go as programed the Donald will become the party’s candidate for President His VP. selection will follow. Cleveland will host some 50000 people as delegates and alternates, media workers, support staffs, security, and just plain visitors. If no threat to the community emerges this is a boon to the economy.

60 minutes ran an interview with the two in which no question received an informative answer.
 A preview of this convention can be found here:

Next week the Democrats will invade Philadelphia and another show will take place with the anointed one also making profound proclamations that she knows that she can’t deliver.

This is just an extension of a tremendous two weeks in which we had terrorist massacre of 84+ civilians in Nice, France. Here in the states there were shooting and killing of 5 cops in Dallas and on Sunday 3 police in Baton Rouge. All following the recent questionably justified killing male Blacks in Baton Rouge and in Minnesota.
One of the factors that has made Trump the Republican nominee is the fears resulting from these events which have magnified the racial distrusts of a substantial group of Americans. This will be the subject of another blog.
Likewise is was “fear and distrust that led to Brexit. As a fall out and a lesson to our two major parties, there was a complete change in the leadership of both parties in the UK. This was a signal that the former leaderships had lost touch with the people.
CBS’s Colbert with John Stewart will cover the Republican convention on Colbert’s Late Show. This should be worth watching or taping. His monologues are better than Fallon or Kimmel but he is far behind in the ratings.

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