Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Bill Clinton is a superb political speaker. He is also an accomplished orator which is why he spent almost an hour last night delivering an emotional speech that made Hilary appear to be the fairy princess.

Fairy Princess or not, Hillary carries more baggage than any previous candidate that I can remember. Agnew was only on the Nixon ticket as the selected VP.

None the less she is far more attractive than a bombastic, self-loving Donald Trump who can present no specific agenda except the “Wall”.

Before a final decision Trump should be given the chance to present a do-able agenda instead of reaching out to those who practice hatred. He can begin by releasing his tax return information. And specific plans on how to combat terrorism; hot air will not do the job. Nor should we want racial and religious bigotry which he has preached.

As far as Clinton’s how I met my wife love story” I think mine is a better and true tale.


  1. Hi Doc,

    I would love to see something specific from Trump about how he will keep America great, but I won't hold my breath. I'm also bothered by his inability to let things go; like Cruz and Trump's need to act like a fourth grader with the insults and childish rhetoric. His ego centrism probably will prevent "presidential" behavior, so there you go.

  2. Trump often says in his speeches that Hillary doesn't like his tone. Hillary changes her tone and accent depending upon which part of the country she is. What a phony. If you don't like Trump, don't vote for him. He doesn't need your support.

  3. To 3:24 pm - I am a white woman, and yes he does!

    Just curious, if you are a Trump supporter, I am sure that not only do you think Hillary is a phony, but a liar. Trump lies about so much, but what troubles me is that he lies about things that are inconsequential like -

    1 - He stated that he pushed for the RNC to have their convention in Cleveland. Actually, the RNC announced in 2014 that the convention would be in Cleveland - Why would he lie about that?

    2 - Trump tweeted that the debates were rigged against him. Actually, the non-partisan committee started the process 18 months ago, when Trump had not even declared. Why would he lie about that?

    3 - Trump stated that he received a letter from the NFL saying that the debate schedule was ridiculous. Actually, the NFL has denied sending him a letter. Why would he lie about that?

    It is concerning that Trump, who is a position of no national power, has to lie about such stupid things. Imagine what he will tell the American people about really important things. It is downright scary!

    You are correct 3:24p, he does not need my support to get elected, and my good news to you is that he will not get it.